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Enlightenment of young minds through right education. Little flower aims to ensure academic excellence by providing caring and structured environment. Each student is considered as an individual and as such are encouraged to understand and develop the uniqueness of their contribution to both the school and society. We aim to build in student's self- confidence to follow morally appropriate means to achieve success. Little flower school has very welcoming supportive and inclusive atmosphere. A culture of mutual respect is clearly evident in the positive relationship between staff and learners. To prepare the children for formal education and ensure all round development of personality of the children. A request – it is sincerely desired from the parents to see that their children use simple English at home and they speak small sentences about daily routine activities so that they develop fluency In English speaking.

Respect: We always foster and strengthen a sense of respect for one – self and for the work we do , the things we use, the people we engage with and the environment we live in.

Self- Discipline: We strongly believe that self-discipline is important in life and we foster the act of perseverance , self- control, dedication and focus.

Excellence: We are committed to nurture a culture of excellence and actively encouraged high standards of character, behavior and action.


The curriculum of Little flower English School endeavor overall development of a child. Our institution has become apparent for education system, that aims to inculcate conviction ,vigor, values, and wisdom among the students through a systematic way of learning. The curriculum not only gives the essential physical , social and academic skills but also strengthens the students to face the challenges of the real world.

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