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Little Flower English School

Little flower English School is one of the renowned Schools in Malappuram Dis of Kerala where the children find learning a joyful experience. The special facilities provided by the school along with the intervention of qualified and experienced teachers ensure a holistic development of the children. Our school one the very prestigious institution at Vakkaloor, Areecode, established in 2014. The school locates in a green lush eco- friendly campus at Vakkaloor. The main objectives of school is to provide a cutting edge type of education in and out of the class room , affordable for the public at minimum level. The school provide a pleasant and creative environment to make teaching and learning effective and enjoyable.

Our planned information and communication Technology facilities are excellent. We also have a full time technical back- up to support the children's work and ensure the smooth running of the school network. The school provides the best available resources to its learners. All the class rooms are air- conditioned and have wireless internet access. To aid teaching every class room has an LCD projector. Mr Abdul barik kolappatta , the Chairman of the School with an innate gift for creative thinking has made the school one of the best in Malappuram Distict.


Enlightenment of young minds through right education. Little flower aims to ensure academic excellence by providing caring and structured environment. Each student is considered as an individual and as such are encouraged to understand and develop the uniqueness of their contribution to both the school and society. We aim to build in student's self- confidence to follow morally appropriate means to achieve success.

Little flower school has very welcoming supportive and inclusive atmosphere. A culture of mutual respect is clearly evident in the positive relationship between staff and learners. To prepare the children for formal education and ensure all round development of personality of the children.

Enlightenment of young minds through right education. To develop Little flower into a high quality educational institute , where children are cared individually to achieve their ultimate potential. To encourage challenging minds to fulfill their dreams come true. To provide a broad and balanced education through the best modern practices and uncompromising allegiance to moral values.

To make education entertaining as well as demanding. To encourage children to become creatively independent learners and achievers. To give equal importance on both curricular and extracurricular education to provide an all rounded teaching to all our students.

Abdul Barik Kolappatta


Through our prospectus and more significantly your cordial visit to the school , I hope you will see the ethos and values of our happy, thriving and successful independent day school. We believe in the all-round development of the individuals within an educational , compassionate welcoming and broad minded community. Little flower school is a caring and vibrant school community. We are justly proud of the high quality education we provide. The importance of education is simply beyond ken of words.

Education helps an individual grow not only as an individual but also as an intellectual. For me education is not only just mugging up lessons and passing exams with flying colors. It means learning the values of humanity and developing life to achieve an excellence in all spheres of life. We are proud to be a comprehensive school serving our local community , providing excellent education for all our aspirants.